Rest and Rejuvenate

I am not sure what it is today. The weather, my schedule or just the lazy way I started out the day. But I am so tired. It is the tired that drags and makes one feel foggy. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak takes on a new meaning when one is just plain tired.

Dear ones you do live in bodies and as such they are vessels that need rest. Rest and rejuvenation. Yet, too often in this time of yours you run from one thing to the next. Over schedule. Over book. Over due and expect that you will keep going. Rest is needed and in order to get it sometimes your body will just demand it. At other times it is a spiritual thing and as such the spirit will take over and take you into a sleep of spirit. This is a time when not just your body but your soul gets the rewiring and recharging that it needs. So no need to feel disconcerted when that happens. Enjoy the renewal of your being from and on all levels. Recalibration of your vibrational frequencies to attune you to your true being. Enjoy!

A powerful punch that I could not deliver on my own because I am readjusting after this type of journey. Right now it still feels like I am getting my land legs back.



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