Letting Go to Fly!

As I go about straightening up, I am compelled to pause and ponder objects I have collected. From cards, to books, to nicknacks to name a few. Each one has a story that, most likely, only I know. Yet, sometimes story or no story it is time to let go. That is true with all things; even people. Because sometimes we hang onto people because we have a story, a past, a history. But sometimes that story is a sad one with no happy ending in sight. Letting go is not the same as throwing away or no longer caring. It is just releasing our hold on it and allowing the universe to take over.

Dear ones we know you can see yourself in this tale of human connection. For each thing clings to you in ways unknown and untold. Yet, sometimes the bigger story, the bigger connection happens when you release. Allow the light and love of God to come through this space that was occupied by something or someone that was not where it should be. We do not judge but we see how clogged you become when you forget to move on and up into a place that you need to be. How stagnant you can become as you are not producing the fragrance you were meant to. There is no sun, no light, no room for growth. Being chocked out by weeds and unneeded things. Go clear a space for your soul. Find a sunny spot to allow your wings to expand and grow. Fly children, fly.

The Angels

There is so much power contained in this brief message from the angels. One I know I am going to take. I want to make a space for my soul. I want a sunny spot to allow my wings to grow. I want to fly. May you too find your space to soar!


Left-handed scribe


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