Usually we think of gifts as those things that people search for and give to us for such occasions as birthdays, holidays, special events or milestones. As nice as those are, those are not the gifts I am referring to.

The ones I am referring to are the gifts that come unexpectedly from God and the angels.

Most of the gifts I find come while I am doing ordinary things. The gift of a small heart-shaped stone or a perfectly polished piece of sea glass found while walking the beach. I frequently find driftwood that is shaped like dragons.

However, the most frequent gift from the angels is feathers. I have found feathers in the most unexpected places. One time I found one on the front seat of my closed and locked car; making it impossible to have blown in on a breeze or have been placed there by a person. Another time I found one inside my purse that had been inside a drawer of my desk all day at work.

Other times the gifts are less tangible; like a small child’s giggle, you can only hear but not see as it is carried on a soft breeze. Or the smell of honeysuckle blooming; brings a smile every time.

Contentment is the art of learning to appreciate the small and often insignificant things in life. Those things that make us smile and be thankful for all of God’s very thoughtful gifts.

Dear Angels speak to us on gifts:

Oh dear ones this is easy. All good gifts come from above. And all gifts are given to show you the blessings you have. All gifts are meant to bring you joy. The nice thing about the gifts that we bring is that you do not need to acknowledge them with a thank you card. You may not even know that we brought you a gift. Sometimes they really are such small things. Yet, at other times, we let you know and show you we are here by the gifts we bring. Oft times that is what we do, as we bring you feathers. Yes, heavenly wings. Let you think on such things. Yet, we bring you gifts in many ways and shapes and forms. It is all to remind you that we are there and waiting to reach out and bless you. We are givers. We give gifts of all things in abundance. Even one can be a lot if it comes with the love and blessings from above. Just know we do these things. We bring. We bring. We bring. Be open to our bringing. And  as such as you are given you also may give; freely, abundantly and joyously to others.

Angel Signature

Thank you dear angels for the gifts that you bring to us. May we be open, aware, and thankful for each small gift that comes our way. And as we give those gifts away, as we share with others, we are blessed.



2 thoughts on “Gifts

  1. Beautiful! Thank you Angels for the small things that I find and they brighten my day ~ I believe that it was sent by you. Thank you!


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