Compelled to Add

I feel compelled to stay here today; to read random posts and to write another one. I am not sure why they have asked for me to write another one, however, as I am just flowing with them, I will open myself and allow them to speak once more today.

Dear ones it is good that you would stay awhile with us here and read/listen to our voices as we speak to you. We sing to your heart a gentle serenade to lift your soul to life. You can not resist this time as you are drawn to us and we to you. As your angels sent to be with you and by you we are compelled to do all that we do for you. You are like a magnet that draws us near. The closer we are to you the more we bring the love of God to you. This is our mission. As you too have missions. We work with you in your ways and work.

Dear ones we want to speak to you all of the time. We know that those who are open can hear our voices singing and speaking and harmonizing with all around them. Many have asked for this. Just know that we are there. Many is the mission that must not get distracted by our voices. Know for those our hearty protection is with them. Many need to understand that it is a constant vibrational element that we are there. Like the constant waves of the ocean and pull of the moon, we are there.

Be open to it and yet do not feel compelled to hear, to feel or to taste it. For many of you that will never be. Allow those who do to speak to you for us. For God. For all of the little ones that have no voice. Our messengers are there for all of you. Ask of them. They are the ones who are there for you to turn to. Feeling compelled and lead to them, they are there for you.

The Angels

Thank you dear angels for these words. Thank you for compelling me to stay so that I could hear your voice and share your words.


Angel Scribe


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