I thought I was going to have a very busy week but that all changed with one phone call. All of sudden I have so much time that has opened up for me. That is both a good thing and a bad thing. I can always find things to do to keep myself occupied. What I have a difficult time with is staying to a task or finding a focus. I work several jobs, sometimes all in the same week. Over the summer the number of obligations to jobs go down on one side and up on another. However, I do not work full-time at any one job. This morning I spent part of the morning working on securing a part-time gig and putting a second coat of paint on my blessing boxes. Now, I sit here writing to you. That is the interesting part, I was going to get dressed and go to the shop I work at but the angels wanted me to write first. See how crazy, my time just leaks all over the place. And at the end of most days I feel I have accomplished so little.

So dear sweet angels speak to us about time and our use of it. Because, I for one, am frequently very perplexed by it all.

Dear ones you rush around and worry about this and that and everything in between. We do not rush and worry. We do not care that we are called from one place to another. We know who and what we are and what we are asked to do. We do. We know you are not as simple (uncomplicated) as us yet your lives do not need to be as complicated as you make them. Yes, you have many passions but you can see how they can work together to create a whole. We can assist you with this. We wish to be with you and point out the things that need your attention next. Yet, you need to ask and be open to our speaking. We speak to you in many ways and means. Often times it is messages that come to  you in what seems like ordinary ways. Yet, we use what we can. So, we use what is close at hand. This should come as no surprise to you because there is so much we can use. We do not need to wait long to find something to use that will be able to speak to you. You may not know or notice. Again ask for discernment. This gift from God will open your eyes to the many messages that are being offered to you. Simple steps to take to make your life more manageable and doable.

To one right now you are fretting over a decision. You need not fret. It really is not your decision to make. Allow the right people to make the decision and you will find that your answer is there. It is not yours to make. Give back the power to those who need it. When you release this to them you will receive such blessings. Let it go. Give it back. Sit back and wait. You will be so pleased.

To another one today. You have put off a simple chore. Go and do it. Just take the few minutes it will take to get it done. There are no better rewards then to say it is done. This will open up a wonderful opportunity you didn’t even know was coming. Hurry, don’t delay.

One last one. You dear one are so safe and okay. There are no more dark clouds coming your way. Open your heart; the window to your soul to let the light and love come in. We are with you in abundance today.

The Angels

Thank you angels for the assistance today with knowing and discerning how best to use our time. It is good to know your perspective on the issue, although I know you do not move or exist in time the way we do. Yet, your understanding and teaching ways lead us to a higher knowledge of ourselves and those around us.


Angel Scribe


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