Stay Awhile

Kick off your shoes and stay awhile…

I don’t hear people say that anymore. Why is that? Is it because we are such a laid back society that we all take our shoes off anyway, so no need to extend an invitation? Or is it that in our germ phobic culture we are fearful of icky germs? Or do we just fear stinky feet?

However, I think the real reason is that we don’t want people to get too comfortable and overstay their welcome. After all, “awhile” is a vague concept. If you could mark it off in time, how long would awhile be? Rather than try to puzzle this out, I will let the angels speak about the concept of  an invitation for “awhile.”

Dear ones so many of your recently have been going through some difficult and trying times. And when you speak with each other it seems that you are not alone in this time of woe. This can be both comforting and troubling. Yet, rest assured that these times are coming to you for a reason. You are meant to be tested and tried to be found true and strong. There are no trials and tribulations that you are asked to go through alone. And just because you have sojourners on this journey does not mean that you feel like you have companions in your pain. You are right that these others often make you feel more alone and more pitiful. It makes you feel that you are part of a club that you do not want to be part of and wish that you could revoke your membership immediately. Yet, you are traveling with us, your heavenly guides to assist you in these difficult and trying times. You must know the ways and means of time from a heavenly perspective. Time is but a moment. It is but an image. And for us we see so many images and pieces of life at the same time. It is difficult to put into words the layers we see all at once. The ways that we can both see and feel your emotions as they ripple around you. We can see all of those others around you in the same way. We can hear the beating of your heart and your soul. We know the music of your mind. We weave these songs, images, and vibrations together in the span of a breath. In and out goes the flow of the breathing and the heart. This we see and know to be a precious thing. Know dear ones that we are always with you. In all time and in no time. We move in multidimensional angles and directions. 

Dear, dear, dear ones we come to you to tell you to be of joy and peace. We come to give you messages of hope and of love. We constantly are there. Constantly present and aware. It is difficult for you to know this. For you to understand time in our fashion and way. Yet, trust that we are and can move in ways that are quick and simultaneous.

Now dear ones, the time is now for you to be and act in love. Follow the ways of love. Love is always timely. For to give love you must be present and wholly with another and with yourself and with God. To know and to love is the greatest and highest way to be. Jesus brings his love to you always.Stand in his love and let it overcome and flow about you.

Dear ones can you not agree that this is a good time to be alive. As we move into a greater and higher times. We cannot lose focus and vision for the best and the highest that we are and can be. You were made for best. You were made for highest. You were made for love. Be love.

Dear, dear, dear little ones. The small and tiny ones. The babes. The children. Be encouraged that you are important and to be upheld and cared for. The littlest ones must be carried for by all and in all ways be cherished. This is the greatest command right now. To uplift and care for the little children.

The Angels

It really is about time… time that we all open our hearts to love. Love is always timely.

So glad that you could stay awhile with the angels and me. I hope that they uplifted your heart and your spirit. This time with them is so precious and special. They spread their love and we get caught up in it and feel full and well loved. Please stay as long as you like; for you are always welcome here with the angels and me.

Take a load off and stay awhile.


Juju and the angels

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