Getting One In

The day is dwindling away and I should say it is time to get ready for bed and sign off of this computer. Yet, I feel compelled to stretch out my hand and my heart and offer something. A few moments. A precious bit of time. I don’t have to. I don’t need to. Yet, I am compelled, because there is someone out there that needs it and for that one there is no better reason to stay. To stay by their side at a difficult time. To hold their hand. To give a hug. I am not one to walk away. I am one to stay. I am also one to go where I am needed/sent. And so I go…

Dear ones what you must understand is that we too must go. We must go where we are sent. We must go where we are asked. We must do because we have not choice. We were designed for this work and it is all that we know and do. We go. Yet, you do not live under the same law. You live under freedom. And so when you choose to go, it is of a higher way. For you are not told in the same way we are. You are asked. Always asked. It is never a forced demanding. It is never a threat. It is never something that is offered only once and never to be presented again. No, look at many times and the many ways that God continually reaches out to you. Bids for you to come to Him or to go to others. Always offering to you another way and another chance. You may miss some open doors but he never closes you out. No he offers another chance, another way. And always he offers his love and forgiveness. You are the ones who are so able to do and to be his children. You have all of the opportunities for his time and time. We watch with such love and adoration. We watch and know that you are adored children. And we are your emissaries. We go before you, we watch the path and light the way. We come to you to offer encouragement and to cheer you on. We are the ones who sing to you on the breezes. Always bringing Gods love to you and helping you to show that love to others. Hold out your hand. We give you. We give. We go..

The Angels

I know that their words have given me such a joyful lift. I know there was at least one that I stayed for. Just one. I hearing you calling out to me. Your voice has been heard and I send you angels. Angels to bring you love.


Angel Scribe


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