Why Wrestle

I continue to struggle and battle with myself. After all, who better to battle with? Shall I wrestle with an angel? I know I would lose. No, it is much easier to wrestle myself. I am so good at it that I do it almost daily. I can go at myself for hours on end. Questioning decisions I have made and things I have done. I am so harsh and hard on myself that some days I wonder how I survive myself. And when I finally stopped today and went to the Lord he revealed himself to me.

John 15:16 says in brief:

“I have chosen you and ordained you.”

So, if God has chosen me and ordained me how can I be so hard on myself? I am chosen. I am ordained. Therefore, I can be assured that I am good enough for God and ordained for the work that I do. Enough! I no longer need to be hard on myself for not being something else. I am not asked to be something else. I am asked to be me in the love and service of the Lord.

Speak to me and those others struggling with these very same issues dear angels:

We do come to speak to you and capture your hearts to hear and know the love of the Lord. For you to know that you were and are chosen to be a child of god. You must know this in your heart every day. You must know it in the very depth of your soul. To hear it and to know it in your mind is not enough. You must carry it down to your heart and allow it to take root in your soul.

There is no great mystery as to your ministry. It is a clear and simple direction to take each day and all tasks with love. To carry this love forward to all. To tell with your actions that very love that is given to you. Bestowed upon you in grace and in favor. You are a child of God. Go and be this. You struggle because the world says you must be important, you must be famous, you must be educated, you must be smart. Nay children you need only be you and love. You need only to spend your days giving love to others. In small ways, in large ways, in small ways not able to be seen by the eyes of the world. In matters of the heart it doesn’t matter the cost or the time or what you get from it. It is all of the weight of air. It measures nothing here upon this dense place. Yet, it is unmeasurable in the heart of god. You must know that the love that is given you gives you all you need to reach out and do the work you are called to do. You must know that nothing is hidden from you to know or to be what you are called to be.So, fear not little ones be kind and loving. Hold fast to all that your heart knows.

Ah, little one you did not stumble and fall. No, the wings and prayers of many held you up. Look more carefully, those are not bruises. They are marks of courage and depth of love. Brush off your tools and get back to work. You will see great results soon.

Ah, dear one. Little lamb one. Counting days, fretting away. Allow time to be undefined. Allow your schedule time to unwind. Give yourself permission to let go. Count nothing. No days. No time. No illusions of this or that. If for you can try, no try, no try just let yourself go. Go.

Last little one, this is for you. You came and read and said not for me. You were getting ready to go and instead stayed. Hoping, praying some tiny word for you. This is for you. Yes! Yes, we know you are there and are praying for a word. A kind and gentle word. One word that would make you know and believe that this is real. That it really is real. That angels are here. And angels are near. And angels are gently in your life. What would it take for you to believe. One word. One prayers. One small treasure found. So, just like a green leaf on a dead tree signifies life. Your smile tells us you still believe tonight. Bear this one small test and you will see. Look and find a blessing.

The Angels

Thank you dear angels for reminding me that you are near and want to speak to me and others. This time is so precious. And I am very thankful for the reminder from scripture that we are chosen. Hand picked each one of us.



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