Start Counting

I did it again the other day… I discounted myself. In answer to the question, what do you do? I started mumbling and fumbling for an answer. I started listing all of the part-time “jobs” I have. I felt, and sounded, boring and of no consequence.

For heaven’s sake why do I feel like I can only talk about what I do to earn money. After all, the most important work, the work I do for the Lord, I rarely make money doing. However, those didn’t even make it on the list, as I poorly attempted to tell my new friend what I “do”. Isn’t what we do for, and out of love, the most important aspects of our lives? I need to rethink and restructure how I answer that question.

Therefore, whenever anyone asks me what I do for a living my first answer is going to be, “I breathe.” Simply put that is what we all do for a living. Take a look at the following definitions…

Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary defines the following:

Breathe- to live; to make manifest; inspire

Inspire- to breathe or breathe on; to influence, guide or move by divine inspiration; to communicate to or with an agent supernaturally

Inspiration- a divine influence or action on a person believed to qualify them to receive and communicate sacred revelation or insight

Insight- the act or result of apprehending the inner nature of things or seeing intuitively

In addition, as one who hears/listens to the angels these two definitions seem appropriate to add:

Intermediary- a go-between

Interpreter- translates or explains

Therefore, instead of discounting all of the wonderful things I do out of and for love because that’s what really counts. I am going to proudly proclaim that I am an Inspiration!

Angels speak to us on this:

Dear ones, little lambs of love, you are divinely set in your places and as such all that you are, is important and right. Every little one of you is here for a reason. Each one in their place to offer to all more. More love, more love, more love. Moreover, in your divine role you are to know and feel secure in the love of God.

Think on the lovely ways of love. Feel them and watch them grow in your life.

Do not fret those things that you cannot do or be. Focus on all that you can do and are. You are wonderfully made and as such, you can do all things. All things for which you alone were designed and ordained.

Does it make any difference at all if you earn money for your efforts? You are given so much more than mere money when you are doing the real work of love. Keep to this path and know that you do not walk it alone. Your angels are always with you; guiding you, protecting you and loving you.

You have much work to do every day. Stay to the ways of love.

There are little ones, little lambs that need love and protection. You can give this to them. We are with you as you give. We will bless you in all of your endeavors.

Carry the little ones. Lift from them their burdens for you are strong. Your faith is building and becoming stronger every day.

Little loves carry on

The Angels

Each of us was designed to do what only we can do and then we are ordained (blessed) to do it. This is a wonderful assurance that we are each important and needed.

So what do you do for a living?

Love and Angels,



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