Each day is an offering. It can be offered as a gift or it can be held back. If we want to live our lives for God then we must see each day as a gift we offer to the world.

I pen these words, not so much for you, but for me. I need to “hear” these words and be reminded of who I am. I am a child of God. And as such, I am given so much. Yet, what does he ask from me? We try to make the answer to that question so complicated. We feel we must be something, do something, accomplish something. But that is not true. All he asks of us is love. Feel love, be love, live love. Then why do I feel less than so often? Why do we all feel that way so often?

Dear one, dear little ones. We come to bring you love. To shine it upon you and show you the way of love. It is a way of much light. It is a way of much love. There are so many things to fill your heart and mind with. Yes, so many things. We know of the ugly things. Yet, the only way to go is to love. Look to love. Look and see it is love you are hungry for. It is love that you crave. It is love that you need. Every moment of every day. Love, love, love…

The Angels

It seems so simple. Just love. Just now. Just love. Well, maybe it is that simple, no matter how worthy we feel or how well things are going or anything else. It is all about love. His love for us makes us able to stand. Stand me up lord. Oh, stand me up.



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