Love Lingers, Love Stays

The Angels:

To those that feel they have lost love- squandered it away- nay dear ones- You are love and that love grows and prospers every day. You can’t lose love even if you lose the object of your love. The desire of your heart doesn’t melt away.

Love stays on- lingers in all the ones that love touched and can continue to grow in its absence.

Yes, love is an amazing thing!

Love, love, love

 The Angels

Last night I was doing some healing work on my cat, he usually likes it. I wanted to work on him and share the energy with my friend’s dog that needs some healing. My cat became overwhelmed and attacked me. Why did he do that when all I was doing was helping/healing his aches and pains and those of my friend’s dog?

We too are often like that; attacking and backing away from the very thing/person that reaches out to heal us and soothe our pain. Let us not recoil from the hand of kindness. Nor strike out in fear when the healing energy becomes too intense but let us trust what is coming our way and grow with it. Growth comes with healing.

And love is what lingers.

With love,



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