Now that I have a better understanding of the question than I did before, I can formulate an answer. Before I figured it out, the question always took me by surprise and I was stumped to find the right answer. Once I understood the question, it became perfectly clear that there are no wrong answers. However, there is the one true (honest) answer and only I can speak it; as only you can speak yours. I no longer have to contemplate the riddle, dreaming up more elaborate and scholarly answers. Now that I know what I’m being asked, my answer has been and will always be right there on the tip of my tongue, having welled up to my heart from a seed planted in my soul.

The Question: “What do you want?”

Like in the game show “Let’s Make a Deal” where the contestants could choose from several curtains, boxes and doors…

However, for us it is not a choosing of a door, from many doors. There is only one door and it has my name on it. As your door has your name on it. And who opens the door? God.

When the door is opened what will we find?

We will find paradise. As each of us enters paradise we make it complete. For paradise has been waiting for each of us to arrive. And as we enter, it becomes more complete; more whole.

Completion is not closing off, it is fulfilling of all there is.

What took me so long?

“Seek and you shall find. Knock and it shall be opened to YOU!”

Matthew 7:7

It was there all along.

Dear angels speak to us on this so we may understand in our souls:

Dear ones, dear, dear, dear ones. We are here with you and are with you each day. You are not lost or confused so much as you are trying too hard. Like trying to fit in or make it fit. Neither will work for you. You were made for glory. And you glory in what you are. The one who made you outfitted you for what you are to do. And only you can do it. Do not worry or fret over someone else’s path. Your path is yours. Your ways are not God ways if you are not on your path.

How shall you find your path?

Oh dear ones, your path is right there in front of you. Come now, take a step. That’s it, just one step. It is the step you take, the first one, in faith and trust that puts you on the path that God has intended for you and wants to walk with you.

Allow your steps to follow this path. Trust it. Know it from your soul. It may not be easy, tame or carefree but it will delight your soul. Is your soul delighted? Is it tickled at the thought of this walk, this journey?

This is a puzzle that needs no solving. Here is your next piece…Take it and make your puzzle complete. Each new piece makes perfect. Shine dear ones, shine.

The Angels

Thank you Angels for speaking through me. Thank you. A thousand times thank you.


Angel Scribe


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