I say words like, amazing, fascinating, wow, and cool beans all the time. Some might say I do this to the extreme. Well, some have said that. However, I don’t give weight to their words. They can think what they like. I really am amazed, fascinated, wowed and cool beaned all the time.

Just yesterday, I had a client scheduled for energy work, and she was running late. She arrived flustered. She came in carrying a laundry basket, which seemed odd until she explained that she brought her cat along because she was taking him for an acupuncture appointment later. I thought cool beans! I invited her to bring the cat in the treatment room and told her that since the cat was there why not let me put him up on the table with her to share her treatment. And that is what we did.

It was amazing, I was wowed and so was she. When I started his rear legs were so stiff and out of place; they were stuck up over his head. His tail was as stiff as a board. First thing that I noticed was that he started purring. My client was so excited but I didn’t understand why because in my experience all cats purr. Then she told me he hadn’t purred in more than eight years because of how much pain he has been in. Then his legs and his tail started to relax. His rear legs came back down to a normal position. Then I got his tail to curl. I also got the pads of his rear paws to warm up, they had been as cold as ice cubes. It is really cool when you can WOW a cat! My client was so pleased with her treatment but even more so with the results I obtained for her cat.

It is okay to be wowed and amazed by such things? Can we find God in the laying on of hands and producing healing energy? Can animals really benefit from such things? Yes and yes and yes.

Dear loves the love and the energy is here to share and to spread. To give and to take. Do not feel selfish because you take. Do not feel superior because you give. It is all keeping with the flow and power of love. Giving and taking, sharing and sharing, passing it on. Us angels are wowed! We are amazed! You are the ones who are gifted with such ways and means to give to one another. For this we can only sing God’s praise. We have been here to witness the ways and means of love. We are wowed.

The Angels

Cool beans, we wowed the angels! I can hear them sing!



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