The Small Stuff

It’s just a scratch. No harm, no foul. It will heal up quick.

However, not all small things are really small. Some small things are really big things in disguise. We tend to pass over things, labeling them small or inconsequential, yet in reality they are very important. Like the little things that we say or do. How many small acts add up to make a big act? Small things mean a lot. And small inconsiderate acts can have a mounting effect on those around us. Likewise, small acts of kindness can change a life.

Dear ones do not discount the small tiny things that you do. Be they good or be they not good. They create mountains. These mountains can block and hinder someones path or give them a summit to stand on. Are you building foundations or putting up roadblocks? Only you know the answer and it comes from where is your heart? Where is your love?

Let’s all examine our acts and make sure they are adding up to love.

Enjoy this small message from the angels.



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