Food: Manna from Heaven

This morning I am being prompted to do one more thing before I eat, it is weighing heavy on my mind and my heart. My stomach is pleading for food. My mind is distracted by food. My mouth is watering at the word food. It is difficult to think about anything but food. Sure I have had some coffee. My everything wants food. Yet, I have been asked to sit and commune with the angels and bring you this blog post.

Can you imagine what it was like for Jesus when he was in the desert and had no food. To be tempted by the devil. Tempted in what ways? One way was the devil placed before him mounds of mouth-watering foods. The smells that wafted around Jesus as he prayed.  As he worked to stay connected to the father. His body warring with him for food.

So dear angels you were there to comfort and help him. Please help us as we strive to spend time with you and the heavenly Lord.

Oh dear ones this is the ultimate test, to be with the holy one and to be present in the body. To know the pangs of the body and to be in the divine. The paradox of these times. To behold the glory and to be stuck in the physical realm. A realm you wish to escape from and be free from the bondage of the needs of this body you dwell in. We say to you when you find yourself in these places look only toward the way of the spirit. Turn to it. Embrace it. Allow it to flow over you like living water. Immerse yourselves in this light and liquid love. This will cocoon and protect you as you grow and learn. Little ones we are near, we are here.

Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love

Feed on the manna of love from above. Feed your hearts, your minds, your soul. And by all means feed each other. Use your spoons.

For one little one so many tears. We are here to turn those into love. We are hear. We are near. We are ready to assist you in turning these things around and making things new. Do not fret or worry. Everything you need is coming your way. So wear a smile and those colors that you love. Dress your best for today is your day. You will land that job.

Ah sweet one. Healing is coming to you. Healing is many ways. Open yourself to the healing that is coming. Allow this unusual ways to assist you in making yourself whole and well. You will have to tell about this and when you do you will help someone else just like you.

The Angels

Thank you dear readers. I am going to go get some physical food now to go with this spiritual meal that the angels have fed us.


A good meal calls for dessert, this one is called:
Easy as Pie



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