Honoring and Remembering

Today it is sunny and warm here. I love fall days that are light and breezy with the smell of black walnut and leaves.

Today we honor those who have served for the freedoms we have in the United States. What more can be said other than, Thank you. Those two little words don’t seem to be enough, yet they speak volumes for what can never be repaid for all they have given. Most veterans are very humble and don’t relish the attention for “just doing their job.” Yet, I feel compelled to say; Thank you!

Dear ones we are not fans of war and destruction. We do not take sides. We are for all and for love. We look at each of you and the wonderful things that you do and we are humbled too. We know the many ways and means that you have given of yourselves and the ways you show love and protection for each other. This is what is important to remember. To give love. To protect life. To live life to the fullest with great love. We stand by you in so many of your trials and hardships. We whisper to you when you feel all alone. We move to be close to you even when you try to get far away. Stirring love and gentle ways among you all. This is our way. This is your way. Stay to love dear ones. Stay to love.

The Angels

The angels are not for or against anyone; they do not take sides. They are for love and want to build love. This is what makes them different from us. One day may we find our way to love.


PS: Please do not misunderstand me or the angels there are holy wars that are constantly being waged, yet even in those great love is the motivating drive. Great love and a desire to save lost souls.


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