Let’s Get Excited!

I’m excited! I get excited easily. Then I want to take off in a hundred different directions, all at once. Not that I always have the energy, the where with all or the knowledge and understanding. Yet, watch out here I come!

Some people have taken my excitement and eagerness to be rudeness, as I barrel full steam ahead. Others pass it off as one of my many whimsies; here today and gone tomorrow. Yet, I have a few people in my life, and thank God for them, who are supportive and never tire of my enthusiasm. However, my follow through does leave something to be desired on occasion. That can be attributed to me finding out it wasn’t my cup of tea. Or after prayer and counsel, not what God desires for me.

Some of you are probably like me, easily excited and ready to jump in with both feet. Yet, with maturity, that of ourselves and/or good counsel, along with time of prayer and reflection, we can more readily see the path set out before us. God doesn’t want to squelch our desires; on the contrary he wants to add fuel to our fires. And because he wants our fire to be strong he wants to offer to us only the best; the best for us. This one-on-one revealing and feeding between each of us and God is done for our benefit and for that of everyone else. Fore, as we are being who and what God planned for us, we are better able to share those gifts with others so that we (the collective we) can ALL benefit.

Our dear, dear scribe you are so wonderful to share your thoughts and your love, your heart.

And then you look up- you judge- your worth based on your surroundings or your circumstances. And yet you know God is bigger than that. You know and yet you cannot feel it or experience it. What blocks your heart right now from the flow of love? Where is the key to open the gates and let it flow free? What are you holding back? What qualities have you buried concerned of being judged? Like precious keepsakes packed away in boxes. Go, find them and unpack them. Let them delight you and decorate your life. Why do you always feel you have to be doing when you need to be being?

Angelic language

Do not seek the long complicated answer when the smallest one will do. Untwist and uncomplicate.

The Angels 

And then a playful dog came along…

I want to share with you a little about my dog; he really is an answer to so many prayers. He was my engagement present. I was given him in lieu of a ring because I can’t wear rings. However, before we got him, I was told that everyone had to “approve” of him before he could join our little family. Even though he was enthusiastically approved I believe we were also chosen by him and that an angel had their hand in the process.

He was not the type of dog I was considering but God knew his personality was exactly what I needed. He is highly social, not very bright, extremely friendly and always wants to play.

He brought our other dog, Bear, back to his puppyhood, as he learned to play with his new best friend. Bear also became the big brother protector; a role he had been waiting to fill his whole life.

My goofy boy, Pudge, reminds me over and over again that we are supposed to snuggle, get kisses and PLAY! Things you would think would be easy things to remember. Yet, obviously they bear repeating on a daily, yeah sometimes minute basis. It was he who went nuts just now and prompted me to tell you about his fun and playful ways. Whereas, he is easily amused, he is also easily distracted, as he is already off on another adventure. Each moment is new and fresh and ready to be explored. Let’s play! he says.

And with him in my life there is plenty of play. Which is just perfect. Because it is just one more reason to get excited. Let’s play!



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