Giving It All Away

Modern thinking would have us believe that if someone makes that statement that they most likely are considering ending their life. Yet, nothing could be farther from the truth. When you are ready to give it all away you have come to a point in your life where you know that nothing of this earth is worth clinging to. So, you are ready to give it all away.

I have been rereading a couple of my favorite books recently and they speak to this fact. They say that in order to get what we want we have to be willing to give it our all. And we have to believe, have faith, with all of our hearts that those things that we want will come to fruition.

“As a man think in his heart so shall he be.”

Proverbs 23:7


This is part of the concept of not allowing your circumstances to define you. You are more than anything you may be going through. You must hold to the idea that you were created for great works.

Works- productive, engaged and effective activity

 Most of us think of work as something that produces a paycheck. That is fine and good, yet we need to expand our definition of work, so that it encompasses all of the wonderful things that we do to be alive and a part of positive flow of love and energy out in the universe. Yes, work is a four letter word but when done with LOVE (another four letter word), it is a joy!

Dear Angels please speak to us:

Dear ones we laugh, we light, we laugh. Can you hear our wonderful laughter upon your life? We come to bring you light and laughter. We come to bring you joy and mirth. We come to bring you abundance. We come to dance with you and sing with you and lift you high.

 Words that you use to describe and confine your lives, we hope to bring you words that will liberate your heart and your soul. To soar. To fly. To go where you have only imagined. Yet, with those imagining we bring you ways of creating and sustaining those lives dear ones.

 We come. We come in abundance and laughter.

 We come. We come in sunshine and in rain.

 We come

 Always we come

 Dear ones, dear, dear, dear ones. Know we are with you today allowing you to open your hearts and give it all away in love and to love.

 Give, give, give

 The Angels 

Thank you our heavenly angels to come and speak a word for us this morning. Thank you for this day and the bounty of laughter that you bring.

May all of you hear this laughter and have it linger in your hearts.

Challenge yourselves, as I am challenging myself, to see how much you can give away. Fore, we can never out give God.

With love,



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