Starting Over: Can I get a Redo?

Damn auto correct. If I wanted your opinion I would beat it out of you. This is my brain on frustration.

At times technology is great and it allows us to process through life so much faster. And at other times it slows us down, as we have to fight with it and retrace our steps over and over again. Ugh!

This is what happened the other day, as I had written a post and then attempted to publish it. Yet, for some reason the only part that would post was the title. I went back to the beginning again and again. Finally, I gave up. It puzzled me, however, since there were three readings in that post that I felt certain people needed to hear immediately. I pondered why the angels gave me those messages and then didn’t assist me with the stubborn technology. I finally decided that maybe they weren’t meant to be sent out immediately. That maybe the timing wasn’t right.

Today the challenge came that we were to write about starting over.

When we start over should be scrap everything; the good, the bad and the so-so? I’m not always sure what falls into each category. I have written things that seem awful, only to come back later and feel totally different about it. However, the opposite has also been true. I learned a long time ago that not everyone will like everything I write. That as a writer/scribe I have to have thick skin to not let it bother me. Occasionally, that works, but like how I often remind the angels, I am human therefore, I get my feelings hurt. As I have been known to hurt others feelings on occasion. However, I do strive to watch that type of behavior and to offer an apology.

So, here I am rambling about starting over… The best part about starting over is that we can do it all the time. If we don’t like how something is going, we can start over.

Yet, it is not always so easy in relationships. Starting over is difficult because, as humans, we never seem to forget. We love to keep tabs on things. It is unfortunate because it keeps us stuck in the past and it can stunt our growth. Sometimes we grow out of friends and move on; yet that is rare. Usually, we grow apart and are not willing to do the work it takes to repair and regrow the friendship. However, it is quite simple to fix a friendship, start with an apology and then move forward. Don’t rehash the past but do explore where you can grow and repair. It is strange how many times one small rip becomes a huge hole because we were too stubborn to take the steps needed to mend it.

None of us is perfect, and we all need a little assistance to become better people. If we are told gently and lovingly how we can be better, most of us are willing to give and do what we can to become better. Just call me a Pollyanna Optimist because I believe that most people do want to grow and improve. I believe this because I know that we are full of love.

So, although, I feel the angels with me on a daily basis, I am still learning and growing. I am getting better at knowing and being who God asks me to be. I am getting better and stronger at feeling and sharing that love every day.

So, be gentle and be kind to one another. You may need to start over. Yet, don’t throw everything away. Remember God put a whole lot of good stuff in you, and others, already. It was put there because it is who he intended us to be. Just add more love.

In a nutshell: The secret to starting over is adding more love to everything we do.

Adding Love,



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