Walking in Prayer

My favorite form of exercise is walking. I like it because it doesn’t require any special equipment or training. I live in a great neighborhood that lends itself well to this activity. The roads are fairly wide and there are enough hills to make it challenging, yet plenty of flat stretches to keep me from wearing my knees out. In addition, I live where the river and the bay come together; making for some fantastic scenery along my walks.

While walking I can let my mind wander and ponder. I get into a place of quiet and thoughtfulness as I walk. I most often talk to God and find that walking keeps my mind in such a state that I can pray and walk at the same time without missing the beautiful scenery.

There is so much to pray about. I lift up friends and family members; I lift up cares and concerns; I lift up events that seem so very large. And I know that my prayers release God’s love and power in the world.

The angels will often come and speak to me. They give me words of hope and peace.

Come speak to us now dear angels:

The physical body is in need of air and sunshine. It thrives on movement. The body wants and needs to move. Movement of the body keeps it young and strong. Movement of the body frees the mind to think clearer and better. A pace and a cadence are formed allowing you to be open and in tune with us.

As you move about and allow this time to open a space for spiritual things to manifest in your adventures. The light and shadows that fall upon your face that illuminate the love of God.

Dear ones what simple ways to allow a time and a space to be open and accepting of the love which wants to come to you. 

Treasure these times of movement and flow; as you walk upon the earth.

Dear ones movement of the body during prayer releases the power and energy that is in you to join with others. It manifests the thoughts of your prayers out into the universe. The counting of the beads, the swaying of the body, the dancing of the soul all force open the channels of energy and love. So move when you pray and release the love!

Love, love, love that heals, that manifests; that spreads and enfolds. Flood the world with love.

A word so that you will know… you this is for you…You have spent time pondering and wondering if the love of the angels and God are for real. They are real. They are alive. As alive as the trees, alive and breathing for you. Dear one you have stumbled and fell. You have bruised up your body and your life. It is time for healing. Take this time to heal those physical and spiritual wounds. You are in a place right now where you can take the time to make sure you are healed. Yet, there is one that is very close to you that needs a hand from you. You have held back from offering to help them. They have asked you three times and you have said no three times. It is time for you to say yes to them and offer to help them. You have thought you were not the right person and that you didn’t want to get burnt one more time. Take that risk. And no matter what give to them without expecting anything in return.

A trinket, a ticket and a train; three things that recently came to mind. Know it and use it. These images will serve you well as you take them and find the clues they hold. Come back and rerun another day. You will see exactly how all of the pieces of your puzzle fit together. Yes, you will see it very clearly in a few days.

Someone is nervous to the point that there body is shaking. They are actually chilled to the bone. Know that there is so much at stake and you don’t want to make a mistake. Know that our love has already gone ahead. This is a path for you to walk today. This is the one. This is so clear. Stop questioning and second doubting. Move forward now!

The Angels


Thank you angels for your words of love and wisdom today. I have to go do some dancing prayer now.

Love and Angels


Angel Scribe


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