With all of the gun debate lately, it would seem that guns are the most dangerous weapon one can possess. But I beg to differ; I think the most dangerous weapon one can possess is a big, sharp, pointy pin.

We all have these wonderful, iridescent bubbles. They shine with color and beauty. We form them, chase them and protect them. They dance, they fly, they float…

Then someone comes along… POP!

They strike fast and swift with a sharp, pointy weapon. And all of our hopes and dreams are shattered in an instant.


What a simple and inexpensive delight, making soap bubbles. It is a joy for all ages. It doesn’t require much skill or stamina; just blow. Now, you do need a good mixture to create good bubbles. But no matter how good the mixture the bubbles are fragile and don’t last very long.

I love the brand Miracle Bubbles. I keep a few bottles on hand to give away because people are always in need of a miracle. Plus, I need to be reminded that miracles happen every day; they just may be tiny and as fleeting as soap bubbles.

Like soap bubbles, we too can make more. We can mold new hopes and dreams to lift us up. Yet, the scars remain from the pin pricks. They leave us battered and bruised. They make us doubt, and doubt creates fear. Then one day we might find ourselves too afraid to mix together our hopes, dreams and prayers. This is a horrible state to find one’s self in.

Although, our hopes and dreams are fragile, ready to burst like a soap bubble, and too often there are those out there running around with sharp, pointy pins ready to burst our bubbles; God made each of us for something special. You and you alone have the perfect mixture for this thing you were made to do. Your hopes and dreams, the ones deep down in your heart are mixed and stirred by the hand of God.

So remember this:

Your special mixture was blended in you to give your gifts to the world. So keep making those fragile bubbles; they are making a difference.

And for those of you that have been running around with pins bursting bubbles, you need to stop. You need to take those weapons and turn them into something useful; like a sewing needle. Then you can stitch up something constructive such as a banner that says: “Hopes and Dreams Welcome!” You need to be mindful that those around you are fragile, they need you to nourish and support their dreams. We know you meant well, you were just pointing out the obvious. However, you need to remember this, God often takes the impossible and makes it possible. So, unless someone is causing harm to themselves or others let their bubbles soar.

Who’s to say which one will be their miracle bubble; one that might change everything for the better.

Dear angels do you want to add anything?

Dear one, dear sweet ones we know how fragile you and your dreams are. We wish to nurture and nourish all of your dreams. We remind you of your dreams. We hum as you sing your heart song. We dance and flit and fly right along with those bubbles encouraging them to soar.

Beauty and grace we see in your dreams. Love and heart we feel for your dreams. Let them glide up to be embraced and kissed by the sun.

You only missed one thing; like other shattered things your dreams can be repaired and still fly. They sometimes shatter and the tiny pieces create the seeds for new dreams. And sometimes they burst and are flung so far that they become a part of someone else’s dream.

God knows where they all are.

The Angels

Bubble Recipe:

Clean container

Bubble wand

6 cups of dish soap (Joy or Dawn)

1 cup of water (distilled works best)

1 TBS of Glycerin

Mix all ingredients and let sit overnight (if you can wait that long)

Of course you can always just buy Miracle Bubbles, my favorite brand, either way know that you are creating miracles as you blow!

Blowing bubbles of miracles,



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