Share a Cup of Tea


I wish I could invite each of you to come and share a cup of tea with me; I’m sure you would accept my invitation. We would sit and sip our favorite blend. I would refill our cups to make sure that the tea stayed warm and the conversation lingered. We would talk about our lives; those everyday ordinary trials and tribulations; the joys and the pains. As we got to know and trust each other more we would allow our conversation to delve deeper into our personal likes and dislikes; our hopes and dreams. This is how we build relationships.

Yet, with our fast-paced, wide-webbed world we seldom get these slow brewed friendships. We put our thoughts, feelings and opinions out in the open so quickly and just as quick others ping back and before we know it…

This is both a curse and a blessing, as we meet and share interests and information with a wider scope of people. It has also allowed perfect strangers to feel that they “know” us and demand an intimacy that we would never have in person.

I am a fairly open person; I often utter the phrase,  I am not living under a rock. But I like my privacy and my sense of space. This type of forum can distort those lines and literally leech out and cause harm and damage. Especially, for those of us that are not as tech savy.

Yet, I have been directed to this ministry and so I must open myself to others. It is the only way to share the messages and the love of the holy angels. And so each time that I write for them I offer an invitation to tea; an intimate time for us to share and get to know each other better.

This is a real and lasting invitation to you, our readers, to ask or to share what is on your heart. It is a challenge to live with an open heart yet it is one I am willing to take on.


So, on this happy heart day I send to you my heartfelt wishes for love and joy from me and the holy angels.

There are no one days set aside for love. All days are for love and for loving. For sharing the taste, the feel, the smell of love. The happy hearts. The joyous ways. The every love expression given and displayed. These are all marked and noted today and every day. Love is the reason for love. A puzzle where every clue and every answer is LOVE!

You look for signs of love. You seek them. You say you are alone. You say you have need of love. Love is the gentle breeze that just blew past you. Love is the song of the bird. Love is the smell of sweet. Love is all around you.

Feel this love and do not allow your heart to lead you astray to thinking there is no love in your life. There is great love for you. In all. In every moment.

There is one that wants to dance but feels they need new shoes. Dance now! Do not wait for special equipment or location. Dance!

The smell of burning embers. Something smoldering, lingering. Whether harsh or sweet this small fire needs to be banked and built. It needs to tower again. Feed it good burning materials and it will grow to keep you warm and fuel the passion you thought you forgot.

Something feels stuck; physically. Difficult to breath or hard on heart. You are troubled by this. Blood and thyroid test. Where you just touched, this is a clue.

 Dear ones we send our love from above to you. The love of God is reaching out to you today to assist you and comfort you. You will know this love and feel this love as you are open to this love.

Be love. Feel love.

The Angels


Happy Valentine’s Day! Be open to the love that is out there and let it in your heart.

With love and an open heart,




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