Impossible to Believe?

Most everything about this blog is about believing in impossible things. How else could you explain a perfectly, well almost, perfectly sane person believing in angels and knowing they speak to her? I hope you can hear my playfulness in that sentence~ just keeping it light.

Last week was a very trying week; especially for my faith. Usually, when that happens I turn to God and the angels for answers through the angelic writing that I scribe. However, the past week’s events happened at such a pace I didn’t have time to sit and write. Yet, I did spend a lot of time in pray.

From this trying time, all I can say is I am thankful for my many blessings; especially the blessing of family.

Then last night…

I had an unusual experience while writing in the angelic language. I have had these experiences before and each time they are unsettling. As I have shared, many times I have struggled with my ministry and have hidden the gift of scribing for God. There has been and continues to be much uncertainty about this ministry. However, there has never been one called to ministry that has not had some doubts about it, and others who didn’t realize they were being called in the mist of their calling.

Corrie Ten Boom, comes to mind. In her book, The Hiding Place, she shares her story of surviving a Nazi concentration camp. Many things happened to her that she couldn’t explain, as the angels intervened time and again to assist her in extraordinary ways. Her stories are nothing short of miraculous.

Last night there was heavy doubt and confusion, as part of what I heard and felt was not the good and benevolent angels but a dark and sinister voice trying to overshadow my time with the angels and make me believe that my ministry was worthless, that it is not full of love and the healing power of God. I kept writing and praying to hear the good and kind voices of the loving angels. Those are always the ones I pray will guide and assist me in my time of writing.

I came away shaken. It is very unsettling to be visited by such. Yet, with faith, I pushed on and around the ones that wanted to make me doubt and give up. These unkind spirits wanted to stop my pen and end the love that was flowing from it to assist in healing and helping the world. However, the vibrational pitch of love was stronger and eventually won out. Praise God!

All love

All love

Be ye of good cheer

Assurance we bring to you

Light for your path

Health for your home

Love for your heart

All love

All love

Abides with thee

Stays with thee

 Angel Signature

I have been asked to share the Angelic writing with you:


Page 2


It is interesting that when I was writing this last night I thought it looked harsh and jagged. Yet, it is very rounded and soft. Fear clouded my head but faith and love prevailed. You can see how each page of the writing bleeds through; offering you a double blessing. Let it speak to your heart and soul.

Listening to love,


Left-handed Scribe

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    • Joanne,

      Thank you for asking about the writings. It is Angelic writing. It is in the ancient language of the angels. Sit with it and let it speak to your heart.

      Visit my home/about page to read a little bit more about the writings.

      And please let me know if you have any other questions or if you would like a personal reading.


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