Nightie Night


I can’t recall having a favorite bedtime story. Or even if I was read to. I know I didn’t read much as a child because that skill came later in life. However, I recall very well reading to my children. My oldest loved stories; she would carry piles of books and ask me to read them all to her. The next one had a few favorites but she loved making up her own stories. The fun part of her stories was that they only had pictures, but no words, so the story changed each time we read them. My youngest loved one story and would insist on having it read over and over again; and no skipping any parts or words. Night after night the same story. This had the potential to get boring but I would hunt for different versions so we would have more than one version of the story to read.

I am not sure about their memories of being read to but I know mine; they were very special bonding times with my children. Sitting close together, getting lost in a story, letting our imaginations soar and our relationship strengthen. This is the true magic of story time.

I love children’s books, I have quiet a few and I also borrow them from the library. Often, I am fortunate to have children to read them to. There is nothing like making a story come to life for a child.


They say that having an imagination is a sign of intelligence. I really wish someone had told me that as a child. However, I make sure to tell the children in my life that fact every chance I get. We all have our gifts and talents. Yet, our imaginations are a special gift that allows us to enter into the world of story books and imagine a world far different from our own. Books force us to use this gift because they don’t give the pictures; just words. And even if they have pictures we have to imagine the larger picture and make it more than a flat image.

This is like the angels. We can imagine them in so many forms because they come to each of us in a way that speaks to our hearts. They are great storytellers. They ask us to use our special gift of imagination to join with them to create a world filled with love.

Ah dear ones we do come to you in so many forms and shapes and ways. We come in ways you can see and not. We come in ways of song and silence. We come in movement and in stillness. We come in trees and frogs and mist and fog. We come to share with you times of sorrow and of joy.

Know we are near and close to you. Know we are sharing with you. Know we are love.

Oh dear ones we are like your favorite story. One you like to read over and over again. We come to share your special vision of your perfect story.

We come to build love.

The Angels

It is time for a bedtime story. May the story you read open a world of possibility and shine love in your life.

Happy story time from me and the angels,



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