A Tourist In Your Own Town


A photo I took of one of the restaurants we visited called The Pier 

With a few unexpected turn of events…

Life is often unexpected and this is what makes it fun. My hubby and I decided to be tourist in our own area this weekend. Yesterday we ventured to the next county over and visited a few spots we have gone to  before and a few new ones. Our goal was to window shop from the inside, since it was too cold and rainy to be outside. We had a great time looking at local art, crafts and antiques, or as one place called them found objects of some age. This led us to find a nice raw milk cows cheese; smoked horseradish. It had quite a kick to it and was very difficult to stop eating. We made an impromptu stop at the French restaurant for escargot and a glass of wine. Our goal was to refrain from buying things. We did pretty well because we didn’t buy anything except food. No wait, I forgot, I got a nice sweater for three bucks at the thrift store.

Today the weather was nicer so we went to the Island; it is technically an island, even if it is separated from the mainland by span of about a foot and a half of water. It isn’t what most people would call an island. Anyhow, the point is this is what the locals call it and we are locals. Each year they do a taste of fare from participating restaurants, which helps to fund the local fireworks display. I am all for pyrotechnics, even if it isn’t the most green thing you can do in the summer. But I digress. There were over 15 restaurants to choose from this year, all within a 3 mile radius. We hit the best and were already feeling full by the third stop because portions were very generous this year, but we didn’t let that deter us from our mission of trying all of the restaurants that we had marked as must go to stops.

The first one is a small bed and breakfast that has added dinners on the weekend. The chef is classically trained and she does a wonderful job. I had a nicely broiled serving of Char (a fish) with a side of garlic smashed potatoes. The hubby had slow simmered short ribs over said smashed potatoes. I would not normally put fish and smashed potatoes together but they both were very yummy; and I ate it all up. The fish was tender and flaky; a nice Atlantic fish with a lighter than salmon flavor but similar texture. The ribs were fall off the bone tender with a few carrots added for flavor.

Our next stop we had quiche tartlet of apple and cheese with a side of filo pizza; both vegetarian offerings. They were very good; light and crispy/flaky. This was a quick stop because everything was prepared and ready to be served.

We went up the sidewalk a bit to visit a little Italian place where the original owners have returned to rescue us hungry locals. They offered homemade pasta with a huge meatball in sauce and bread with roasted eggplant. We had a glass of Cabernet to accompany our bold flavored treats.

We then crossed the street, which is easy to do with the wide crosswalks and the fear of getting a ticket if you don’t stop for pedestrians. We went to a nice seafood spot we have gone to a few times for food and wine tasting events. The chef is not classically trained; however, he has great instincts and a love of food. In addition, he listens to his customers. We have had great fun hanging out with him in the past. Today he offered raw oysters covered in a slightly spicy mayonnaise with a yellow roe on top and tuna bites; which had quite a kick to them, with a wasabi sauce on the side.

We had to drive to the next spot, as it was technically off the island, but still part of the town. This was our only disappointment of the afternoon. However, the food was palatable. We had a small sampling of lobster bisque and beef burgeon.  They weren’t horrible, but unlike all of our other stops we were not promising to come back real soon for a full dinner.

Our last stop was our local brewpub for a beer and to fill up on our growler. A growler is something that you buy to take to your local brewpub for them to fill up with your favorite brews. Right now, that is the Russian Stout. We talked to the brew master the other evening about his choice to make a Russian beer for St. Patrick’s Day. He told us there are many Irish people in Russia and he felt it was a good way to go. I am not sure how everyone else feels about it, but me, I am very happy with the results. I just have to be careful because at 10.2 % alcohol it has a bit of a kick to it.

I highly recommend being a tourist in our own area sometime soon.  I have found in talking to locals that often they don’t know about all of the wonderful things there are to do and see in their own backyards. If you are lucky, like me, you will not have to travel far to find interesting things to do and see plus fabulous food and beer to fill your body and soul.

We are always at home wherever we go and we love to go with you. Any adventure you go on we love to tag along and see what happens. This is the realm of the unexpected and serendipitous meetings with old and new friends. We bring you in contact with people you can bless and pray for. We show you new friends. We show you the social aspects of your life.

For some this might be a lively outing and for others a quiet corner. Either way be open and aware of those around you. There are always those that need your prayers. There are those who need connection. It is through connection with others that you are able to offer blessings.

Ah, the joy of finding new treasures and sharing your talents in new and wondrous ways. Share, share, share. Love, loves to each other and those around you.


The Angels


It is great fun to think that the angels like to go exploring as much as we do. They don’t need an invitation, they like to hang out with us. Let the angels assist you in your next adventure and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Keeping it local,


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    • It was, and we are planning a return trip. Of course we don’t go out to eat often because we are both cooks and have special diets so we tend to just do up a meal here. But when we go out we are very picky. It has to be supper yummy to plan to go back.


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