Cognitive Confusion

I have been challenged, by the angels, to change a couple of statements I make all too often:

  1. “I don’t know.”
  2. “I don’t care.”

When I look at them I know that they are not true statements. So why do I utter or think them way too often to be just fleeting thoughts on a difficult day?

The first statement is one that comes from confusion and frustration about my work and/or life direction. It comes from feeling powerless to make all my dreams come true. It is overwhelming to think about all the formal and informal education, training and hours upon hours of work I have put in, that often feels like it was for naught. Yet, that is a lie because regardless of how successful I may be, by worldly standards, the things I have learned; the degrees and certifications earned have all been worth the effort, time and money. Furthermore, I know that God doesn’t promise us earthly success, he promises us spiritual success. And that is a much higher and better form of success.

Spiritual things too often don’t hold much weight in this realm. Yet, if I were asked to write my spiritual resume with all of my accomplishments on it; there is only one word I could boldly put on it. That word is: Jesus; because it is in him and though him and with him that I am able to do all things. Therefore, I need to take one of my resumes, with all of my education and experience on it, and take a big black permanent marker and write “JESUS” over it. This will serve as a reminder for when I am tempted to utter those words, “I don’t know,” because I am feeling lost and confused. I encourage you to do the same, it doesn’t matter how much education and training you have. Know that you can be used for great spiritual things that, may appear small, yet will impact you and others greatly.

The second statement is more false than the first; because at least with the first one it is how I feel; sometimes. However, the second statement is always a lie because I do care; deeply. The truth is I am feeling hurt, and from that place of hurt I’m trying to put up a shield to protect myself. Yet, it is my ability to be vulnerable and open that allows me to connect on a deep spiritual level with others to do the work I am called to do.  Whereas, I do care what others think and feel about me; I don’t have any control over them. I can do my best to be kind and loving, yet there will be those who will not see me that way. For those times, and honestly all times, we can turn it over to God and let it be handled by the spirit. This allows us to let go and let love flow past that place of hurt and frustration in ourselves and out to others.

So the truth…

I do know. We all do. Ask and it shall be given. God doesn’t want us to be confused. He will guide us every step of the way.

I do care. We all do. We were made in love and for love. And when we need more love, we can ask. The angels enjoy coming to bring us love.

When you find yourself surrounded by and engulfed in the love of God and the holy angels all insecurities flee. Allow yourself the time and the place for such experiences as these.



Left-handed Scribe

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