The Third Time

If at 1st you don’t succeed




But I hate the word try

It always comes out


Like I didn’t exert any effort

I did

I put my whole self in

And that ain’t just

Some hokey pokey

I turn myself about

Back at square one

Which hop do I scotch to

If it were only pebbles

I was throwing

How far and how much

Do I have to fling

Before something sticks

Like spaghetti on the wall

Al dente please

Fixed just right

To finally take my place

In the world






Judy Angelheart

Copyright and all rights reserved 2013

I really don’t like the word “try”; it is a false word because it implies inaction when what was done was full of action. Take trying to ride a bike; actually you rode it, you may have fallen off but you rode it for some amount of time and what you were really doing is learning. Or take, trying a bite of some new food, what you were really doing is tasting something new, you may not like it but you tasted it. The word try is an excuse or an accusation; both make us feel bad about ourselves. So instead of using the word try, replace it with the action you did do. And please don’t use it as an excuse, be truthful about what you are or are not willing to do.

Don’t try FLY!