Let me give you the


That’s me


That’s my morning weight

I wake up hungry

Eager to eat

Eggs- scrambled

Toast- with jam

Coffee- black

Maybe a cookie or two

Morning snack

Mixed nuts

Don’t snicker

Dried fruit

Enough already

Some dark chocolate


An avocado

Artichoke hearts

“Might choke Artie but it won’t choke Stymie”

Those Lil Rascals

Boiled potatoes with

Olive oil

Salt and pepper

How long ago was



Looking at cookbooks

Isn’t it dinner time yet


Judy Angelheart

Copyright and all rights reserved 2013

My poems usually come to me complete but it is fun, sometimes, to edit them and see where they take me. Like today when the quote, “Might choke Artie but it won’t choke Stymie”,  came to me from the show The Lil Rascals. I used to love to watch the reruns on TV. I found many clips here: The first clip has the quote in it when Stymie tries to figure out how to eat an artichoke.

So much fun!



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