500 Pages

That’s a good idea

Take one thing

And do it over and over again

Practice it

See what it becomes

From point A to point B

Interesting the discipline

We will put in

For a grade

Recreating that in

Everyday life

Over and over again

Yet then where is

The place for

Spontaneity and awe

As you find the new

Fascinated by small charms

And do it over and over again

Judy Angelheart

Copyright and all rights reserved 2013

Of course the title made me think of this video:

I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)

This makes me want to go watch Benny and Joon.

Yes, it is a bit like “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” by Laura Numeroff

I signed this book for a sign language class I took in college. That was fun!

Thank you so much for staying with me while I went a bit off my normal writing to celebrate National Poetry Month.