Happy May Day!

The first of May is a very auspicious around the world. I was looking at photos of events happening all over the world and it seems as this is a very special day indeed. Yet, every day is special in and of itself. In addition, we can see that every day is special for some reason. Today is National May Day, National Mother Goose Day and National Silver Star Day; to name a few. It is also someone’s birthday or anniversary and any number of reasons to send a shout out.

We all remember the saying: “April showers bring May flowers.” which is certainly true here where I live, since it was raining yesterday and it is sunny today with many flowers in bloom.

Therefore, for all of these reasons and more I am celebrating.

You see I am practicing receiving; everything that comes my way.

The second part of receiving is to be thankful, without feeling obligated to give something back. Just be thankful.

The hardest part of receiving is the rule: “NO complaining!” or as we say to our little ones: you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.


So, on this 1st day of May I am inviting you to give me something. And I am sending you love and gratitude.



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