Be Angels

We can all be angels to one another. We can choose to obey the still small stirring voice within, the little whisper that says, “Go. Ask. Reach out. Be an answer to someone’s plea.”

Joan Wester Anderson, Author of Where Angels Walk


What a wonderful, power packed quote. We can all be angels to one another. We can listen to the whispers that direct us toward  each other. Directing us to say a kind word, touch a hand, send a card or do some other small act of kindness.

Yet what do we do when our kindness is rejected? Do we do it anyway? Do we hide?

We never force anything upon someone yet we can still offer and know that if it is not wanted then we can take the rejection in stride and keep moving.  We can trust that there was a higher purpose in being obedient when asked to answer the call. This is a tough one, yet trust, because you never know one day you may be asked to answer, and answer quickly. Just like Charles Ramsey you have to be ready to act, and when it happens, you want those kindness and caring muscles in tip top shape. His call came as a loud scream; yours might come as a soft whisper. Are you ready?

Wishing a Happy Mother’s Day to Amanda Berry; you’re first one as a free woman. And to the mothers of all three women rescued Happy Mother’s Day; your first with your daughters once again. May you all find peace and healing.



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