Dreams and Nightmares

I don’t like scary things. I will not watch scary movies or TV shows. So, having nightmares is the worst. I dream in vivid color, so whether those dreams are pleasant or horrible they are in living color.

The other night I had a nightmare. All of it felt very real, yet surreal. As mentioned above I don’t do scary so how I got blood dripping zombies in my dream is beyond me. But there they were. In my dream, “we” were winning against the zombies. Trust me when it feels real it doesn’t matter who is winning it is very disturbing. But then the dream took a turn for the worst and “we” were overrun. I knew I was going to die but I wanted to reason with the zombies. I pleaded for them to kill me quick; not to eat me. Ugh, I didn’t want to go slowly. I wanted to compromise with monsters. I wanted to reason with them. Believe me I tried (I don’t like that word, remind me to tell you about that some other time.) I even offered myself as a kind of slave if they would just spare me my life. It was at that moment that I noticed that my protector, the one who had been keeping me safe up until that point was gone.

You see there was so much that disturbed me about this dream. It plagued my mind all day. However, when I had time to sit down and analyze it, I realized it was not really about zombies. It was about me and my feelings for others. See, I have been comparing myself to others recently (I know not a good thing to do), and feeling that I am behind them in my level of success. Yet, my ministry is not about success it is about God. The other important point to the dream was when I started to compromise, to sell out, it was then that my protector left me.

Dear ones we are with you and want to keep you safe from many evils and harms. We stand with you and before you we tread. We have a light that outshines the sun. We have a knowledge of the path. We have that ability to uphold you before the throne of grace. Now loves do not be afraid for WE are with you and hold you dear. Go, walk your path. Go!

The Angels


What I learned from my dream is that I have to follow the path that God has set before me and stay true to myself and my ministry. If I don’t I will be eaten alive, because I will fall away from his protection and the protection of the angels that are always with me.

We each have our own path. We walk it with God’s assistance and protection. When we stay true to that path he keeps us protected and safe.

I want to have a pleasant life and restful sleep. Therefore, I am going to stay on my path and let God’s holy angels stay with me and protect me and my ministry.


Left-handed Scribe


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