Dreams and Nightmares: Part 2

This is getting ridiculous now. The one I had last night had me in panic mode in my sleep. It seemed that I had done something to hurt this guy but when he came to seek his revenge, unplanned so he said, I had not only recently done something offensive, but I was also being accused of past crimes toward him that I had no knowledge of.

The whole thing would have been funny except for what happened after the “encounter” because, again, it was surreal. There was some type of game being played on a field. My character in the dream was not happy with something that was happening. This one guy had taken my small aluminum utility ladder without asking. So, I picked it up and started leaving the field with it, along with my step stool (we short people need height help.) You might recognize this as a variation on “I’ll just take my ball and go home.” As I was leaving the field with “my” ladder everyone started shouting for me to just give it to him. I said fine and kicked the ladder. It tumbled over and over and hit him hard, knocking him over into a pile of hay. I am not sure how I could have kicked a ladder that hard or how a ladder, being not round, could flip over and over and then knock a large man to the ground. I continued to walk off in a huff; feeling that everyone was not being nice to me.

Next thing I know he is knocking on my door and has brought a friend to have his revenge on me. They were angry because supposedly this was not my first offense against this man and he wanted to make sure that I felt pain. I tried hiding but they threatened to pull me out. They said that I should just come out and take my punishment. I said I wanted to know what they were going to do. They wouldn’t tell me but it was obvious they meant to harm me; seriously. He admitted that he had not been seriously hurt by the ladder, since he landed in a bed of hay. He adamantly, refused to explain how he thought I had wronged him before. Although, he had rattled off my previous offenses when they first arrived, he would not repeat them or listen to my arguments that I had not hurt him before. Further, I told them that in order for the ladder to have flipped repeatedly like that I must have some special powers. At which they laughed and said that they hoped my “magic” would help me now.

Of course the dream never ended, I forced myself out of it. But not before feeling real panic in my body.

So, why write about my disturbing dreams once more? For several reasons:

In this dream me or the main character felt slighted by a larger group and didn’t want to stay and play their games anymore. I can certainly relate to that. How often have we felt that others were ganging up on us and excluding us just because they wanted to? We think that the subject of bullying only involves school children but adults are often more vicious than children when bullying others.

When this happens the “victim” of the bullying often wants to strike back and hurt others. But if they were to truly get their way they would not feel better they would only feel worse. That is where the falling onto the hay came from. We want to strike back but we don’t want to hurt anyone.

Yet, no matter how small, or even nonexistent, the strike back is, all it does is inflame the bully to want revenge. They will even fabricate crimes that were never committed just to “punish” the victim.  The may slander their reputation, shun them or do something else to cause emotional pain. They may also lash out in some physical way causing physical pain (although this is rarer with adult bullies.)

So dear angels what are we to do and how are we to protect ourselves from bullies?

Dear ones how disturbing to have bad dreams and have your sleep sidetracked. It would be so much nicer to only have lovely dreams and to not know these things. Yet, there are those who are suffering such injustices and they need to know that we are with them. We all are. We see these others acting in unkind and unloving ways. It is so much more. It is such a way of trying to kill the spirit/the heart. Why would they do such things to each other to not show and be love?

They do these things out of hate. There is no love where these things and these ones come from. They are held captive by fear and by hate. They do not have so they take. They do not know how to love and care so they destroy. If they cannot be then they will drag all else down with them. It doesn’t make them “happy” but it does make them think that they are winning.

When you experience someone like this you need to call on God and his holy angels to be with you so that you do not fall down to where they are but are helped and lifted up.

You must remain steadfast to love. It is difficult and it is frightening yet you must stay to love.

Hold firm to love and be loving. You must not let them change you.

As for children being bullied you must watch for this and stop it where you can. Many times it is because their bad ways have not been exposed to the light. That is why in your dream they wanted to do things behind closed doors. They may make you think they want an audience but really they want to hide in the darkness. Expose them to the light. Shine light upon what they are doing.

The Angels


I thank you for taking the time to read this post. I am still shook up by this dream and pray that the angels will be with me to soothe and comfort me.


Left-Handed Scribe


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