Another Perspective

Today, I received another interpretation of my dream.

This time the man was Jesus and I realized that I have offended and hurt him many times over. I have acted as a child when everything didn’t go my way. I have stormed off in some direction sure of my way without seeking confirmation that I was on the right and true course/path.

I realize that I fear his wrath and punishment because I know I deserve it. I cower in fear hiding from his love. He brings the rod of correction and the staff of direction; yet I resist them. I question what he wants to “do” to me rather than trust that he only wants what’s best for me. Sometimes because of my own stubbornness and willfulness I am caused pain; physical, emotional, and spiritual pain. Yet, he is there to lovingly soothe my pain and help to heal me.

Due to the fact that I pushed myself out of dream I missed the result or the ending. How often has the fear or my own resistance caused me to miss a blessing? I am concerned that it happens all too often.

Yet, I know and have faith that he (Jesus) will return over and over again. He will send legions of angels, as well. He can and does work alone yet, he has at his command angels to do his bidding. He comes because he loves me. He comes calm and peaceful even when he is correcting me. He comes wielding his rod and staff to pull and to push me. It is me who runs, resists and refuses what he has to offer.

Dear angels do you wish to speak about this to us today:

This is a simple one, we come, our Lord Jesus comes in love. We are sent by him to bring you love and show you unseen things. His ways are above our ways. He comes in ways that may seem harsh to you yet they are always in love. There is no other way that he or we can be.

We want you to know this down deep in your soul. We want you to feel the mighty love.

Dear ones do not be afraid for the comfort is here. We are here. We are always near.

Yes, you must be corrected and sometimes that seems painful but the results will bring the greater glory.

Stay in the love.

One, one, one of you has been through so much lately. The storms, real and spiritual, have blown so hard in your life. Know that we are with you as you weather these storms. Feel us there. Feel us near. We see the tears you cry and we bring you comfort. Know that all will be well for you soon.

Yes so many have weathered these storms. We are there. We are near. We are watching over those that have been watching the skies. Clearer times are coming soon.

It is never easy to lose the ones you love. Yet, they are not lost to us. We hold them for you. We cherish them too. Know this and add it to your comfort. Let your heart not fear.

We joy, joy, joy in lost ones found. Many more will be found. Even the dogs and the cats will come home.

Just for today, just for today. You only need the manna for today. Trust more will be there tomorrow. Take only what you need; no more. Trust more is coming tomorrow. This is still true today as it was for the Israelites.

The Angels

I believe that both interpretations of this dream and the angels words are correct and valid. Forgive me dear Lord! I confess my fear and disobedience. I may not be perfect but I am loved. Help me to not be afraid.



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