Summer Specials



I love summer, with warmer days and cool nights, less laundry and fireflies. I don’t think I could ever get tired of summer; even if it lasted all year. I would love to live somewhere warm all year. In the meantime, I savor summer.

One of my favorite things about summer is the mimosa trees with their fragrant pink flowers. They are a special summer treat. I love the sight, the smell and the feel of them. If you have never smelled a mimosa flower before they have a soft floral scent that is heavenly. They burst forth on the tree in  with a soft pink center and vibrant hot pink on the tips. Yet, the best part is the feel of the flower; it is airy and soft across the cheek. I can get lost enjoying the soft, sweet, colorful blooms.

Yesterday I went for a bike ride, as I do most days now that it is warm enough. While on it, I stopped and picked my first mimosa flower of the summer. As I rode, I held the flower and would sporadically take it and bring it up to my nose for a smell and then brush it across my cheek. They remind me of a kiss from the angels.

Some things are better and  we appreciate them more because they are rare. Things that we only get to enjoy once in a while or even once in a lifetime. Like the mimosa flowers of summer or a kiss from an angel.

Yet, love is something that is here for us each and every day. It is something that is brought to us in so many ways; often common everyday occurrences and people bring us the love we want and desire. Are you open to knowing and seeing all of the love coming your way?

If you’re not sure; then ask God to open you to love. You will be happy you asked for more love to be shown to you. It is there, waiting, blooming as colorful, as sweet and as soft as a mimosa flower.

Love, love, love


Angel Scribe

PS: I wish we has smell-o vision screens so you could smell the flowers. BTW, I love the smell of Honeysuckle vine too! I am mad about summer.


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