Watch What You Believe

I often go to a healing service on Wednesday mornings. I like this service because it is short and sweet yet contains all of the ingredients of a good service. We pray, we have fellowship, we study, we have communion and we have hands on healing.

Yesterday, the study discussion was of a young lady that was very intelligent; she could fluently speak 7 languages. She was a world traveler. And a devout believer. She was enamored with the Russian language and culture. After only one visit to Russia she wanted to translate their liturgy into English. And so she did.

The discussion that followed is what I want to focus on… One of the other people at the service commented that it was truly remarkable when people of such intelligence and talent use their skills to the betterment of others. This comment, as marvelous, and innocuous as it was,  it didn’t sit right with me. This is because I happen to believe that each of us has been given gifts that we are to use for the betterment of others. And that not one of us has been left out from being given gifts to share. In addition,God can and does use small gifts in big ways.

I have never felt that I am a highly intelligent or talented person. No, I am not about to throw a pity party. On the contrary, I have come to a point in my life where I honestly see who I am and what gifts I have been given. This is of paramount importance, as they are needed just as much, and sometimes more, than someone who has much more intelligence and talent than I.

The important factor to remember is to use the gifts we were given. Use them and share them.

We do love each of you and can see the light inside you. Let your light shine in all the ways and means that you were made to shine. Each light is needed and each contributes important ingredients to the whole. Become whole-y.

We send you love and comfort. We send you peace and healing. We send you light.

The Angels

I love that, this is how we become whole-ly! How we complete ourselves and the world we live in. That sure takes the piety out of it, as well as any chance of a pity party. We are each needed to make each other complete. What a wonderful round concept that is.

So happy to share my gifts with you!



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