A New Road

 “Sing to the Lord with Thanksgiving; make music to our God on the Harp. He covers the sky with clouds; he supplies the earth with rain and makes the grass grow on the hills.”

Psalm 147:7-8

Recently we, my husband and I, took a Sunday drive. I call it that because that is what it used to be called when you would just go out for a drive. And, It just so happened to have been on a Sunday. However, it was more of a detour, as we were coming home from somewhere else and wanted to explore a road we had not been down before.

So, we turned down the road to explore. We admired the houses, the shops and other minor roadside attractions. Thankfully, the hubby didn’t run over the turtle that I saw but he didn’t, because I would have been devastated if he had.

We meandered around, driving into a local park that we had not been to and later turning off to discover a historical little church. We love the historical churches in our area. After all, Southern Maryland is the birthplace of religious freedom in America. We had to stop and get out so we could look around the graveyard behind the church and see how old the headstones are. It amazing to find a church that still has the original stained glassed windows and asbestos siding.

We enjoy such times of exploring around our local community.

When we were back on the main road, headed home, I sat back and relaxed in my seat, my eyes went skyward. What a lovely sight of the fluffy clouds propagating the sky.

As much fun as it was to look at all of the local sights and discuss them with my husband I was awed by the majesty in front of my eyes. It brought my focus around to the spiritual realm and the maker of it all. I felt so full of love and praise.

Yes, God and his angels are always with us. Sometimes in a turtle and a nice conversation and at other times in the beauty of the sky filled with wonderful cloud formations.


Pink blanket

Of cloud cover

Black birds

Amidst white snow

Twice today

The sky took

My breath away


Judy Angelheart

Copyright and all rights reserved

May you find that still point of feeling the spiritual connection.



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