Damn girl what did you do to your hair?


What, oh this mess?

Went to bed with my hair soaking wet

Then wrestled with an angel or two

Whoa girl look at that bruise

You sure that’s the story you’re sticking to?


Yes- why you say that

Well you sure it wasn’t that man of yours

Rough you up

They do that sure nough

Then want to shut you up

Make you say crazy things

This here is just my battle scars

That’s right

But weren’t no human battle lines


Warring with demons

Guess you don’t know me well

All the times I must walk close to hell

Be there to rescue

Bits and pieces and stuff like that

Gotta get em and bring them back

To the light

Bathed and brand new

So some soul just like you

Can be glued together

Like you is supposed to

Me- I ain’t got no need for that


Sure we all do

We all got things that happen to us

Some dark moments

Where we splinter apart

And need someone like me

To go rescue those parts

Take them gently by the hand

Up to that light

To the Master’s Land

Where angels rejoice like

You is coming home

To have a lost piece of your soul

Washed clean and restored

So now you can be

More whole

Like you supposed to be

So why you do this work for God

You seem just like me child

I am

I’m just like you

Called to this

It weren’t something I asked to do

Told and obeyed the voice

Called each time to go

I tremble and am terrified

Yet go- I go

So much sorrow

So much pain



Made new again

Never heard of such a thing

Knows for sure tho

What you done did for me

I saw your face

I felt your hand

Touched me you did

And didn’t let go

Can’t hardly believe

I remember such

I do- I do


So much sorrow

So much pain



Made new again


Judy Angelheart

Copyright and all rights reserved 2013

This poem is about the spirit rescue work I do. Is there a part of you that needs to be restored?


Your thoughts...

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