TGIF: Freaky Friday

The challenge today was to pick someone that you would change places with. I like a challenge but there is NO one I would change places with. I may have my goals, dreams and aspirations but I like ME!

The other evening after my husband had taken a picture of mine, both of my daughters, and my son’s girlfriend feet, because we all had our toenails painted hot pink; he started taking pictures of me. I told him to stop; I didn’t want my picture taken. My oldest daughter admonished me to let him take my picture. She said that I should let him take my picture because he thought I was beautiful and wanted to take a picture of his beautiful wife. I was speechless.

The next day I told her that I heard her and that I appreciated what she had said. It means so much to me to have her notice these things and point them out. She sees how much he loves and appreciates me. I was reminded that I need to notice that too. And I do. However, I need to really allow him to see me as beautiful and see myself through his eyes.

My daughter and I agreed that we are not usually pleased with pictures of ourselves. Yet, as she pointed out, that is not why he was taking my picture. He was taking a picture of someone he loves and finds beautiful.

I have often thought of that same concept when I look at pictures of my friends and loved ones. I see the person I love. I don’t scrutinize the photo looking for flaws. I am looking at their heart, through a photograph. After all, photos are just a one dimensional view of a three dimensional person.

We, when looking at ourselves and at others, need to remember to look deeper and wider to the heart of the person. That is where the true beauty lies. Beauty is NOT in the eye of the beholder, it is in the heart.

Open your hearts so that you may open your eyes and really see the world. Now that would be freaky.

Yes, yes, yes dear ones you need to see through to the heart of each other. The true inner spark each of you carries that spark that fires off and sets the world ablaze in color and in glory. You are each such magnificent creatures. You are each made up of so much love. Find that in yourself and in others. Celebrate it. Embrace it. Allow it to float free.

This is not for one special day a week or for special events. This is for everyday for always.

 Dear ones we send out so much love

 Breathe dear ones. Allow the breath of love to flow in you and around you and through you to others

The Angels

How do you feel about having your photo taken? Do you often not like what you see? Do you look at your friends and family photos with the same critical eye?

From my heart to yours,



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