Once in a Blue Moon


The blue moon calls to us tonight, a sirens call to come out and dance in the last of the summer’s heat and harmony. The moon draws us with its magnetism; it literally pulls and moves us like the tides of the ocean. As the crickets chirp and frogs sing their nighttime lullabies we can join in with wonder and amazement.

Dear, dear, dear ones oh such sweet ones. We sing, we laugh, we dance with you. All of you. We have no favorites we have joy for all of you. So many are in need of our words and the love they carry. So many. Be known by your cheer and love dear ones. Someone close by needs these things. Someone very close and near to you.

Do not be dismayed by the hardships around you. You are mighty and powerful and can make great things happen. You are powerful. You have all you need to be all you are meant to be.

If you feel lost please ask and we will help guide you.

Our messages are here. Our voices are clear. When you are feeling lost stay still. We will find you. Stay still. Be still. We are there.

The angels

So, look for me out under the full moon’s canopy tonight. I will be the one dancing with the angels.


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