Be Open

Today was spent working on art projects because I have had two invitations to show some of my art. I am very excited. This has challenged me to find ways to complete a large piece and to show my art in a gallery setting.

Challenges and goals are good for me, they put things before me to strive and work toward. They give me focus.

We all need focus to keep us moving toward our goals. Yet, if we are too focused on our goals and expectations we may miss the serendipitous occurrences along the way. I was reminded of this in my morning prayers. Being present and open to the wonderful things that God puts right in our path requires our full attention to both our internal and our external world. We must be attuned to the small quiet voice of spirit, and we must be focused on the world around us, at all times. This can be challenging. Yet, as I am finding I need this challenge.

So, for today… be aware of what is going on right now!

Dear ones we wish to give to you so many wonderful things. Yet, we need for you to be with us and allow us to come to you and give you these gifts. You must be open and wiling to receive. We bring you such tiny wonders and such large joys. We bring you the sun shining, laughter bubbling up from the belly, stars, good food, friends and finds. So much we bring to you. Are you ready? Can you bare this goodness? Can you handle more blessings?

Ah, yes you can. We know you can.

Be open the blessing and gifts are all around you.

The Angels

This post was written and was all set to be published, yet things were a bit off that day and no matter the time and effort put in, it just wouldn’t work. So, taking the angels cue I decided it was best to move away from forcing and go and see what needed my attention.

I got back to the present of spending time with my family; both the human ones and the fury ones. It turned into a very relaxing evening.

Blessings are often the simple pleasure of being with the ones we love.

Thank you for reading,



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