For Real

Do you ever get a song stuck in your head? Of course you do. Shall I put one there now or do you already have one running through your mind. OMG, I have had one stuck most of the day because they only played a portion of it on the radio; that drives me bonkers!

So, I had to go to YOUtube and look it up and listen to it. So, there it is playing in the background while I type this up for you. No, I am not going to tell you what song it is because then you will have it stuck in your head too.

What is going on lately? I know you must be asking that same question, because we are all being effected by some sort of cosmic shift that is happening right now. In several conversations that I have had with some friends recently, it would seem that these shifts are causing some fear because they are so strong and disconcerting. Yet, God and the angels do not want us to be afraid.

Yet, hang tight love ones. Hang in there because this is just a movement of the greatest force in the universe.

So much love is coming in.

I know that seems so contrary to what you are feeling and reading. There seems to be so much going on the world that seems hard and fast and mean. But let your mind not be set on those things. Set your mind on love and all that is involved in being loving. It is what you need to focus on.

Vibrate at a higher rate and bring the vibration up with you. Dance loves, dance.

It is a way to be up in the vibrational frequencies.

Way up.

Go up in vibrational frequencies.

Go way up.

Move your body and thus your whole frequency.




And let love loose.

Shake it loose.

Let nothing stop the movement of love.

Shout it.

Dance it.

Feel it.

Love, love, love.

The angels

Letting the angels and the vibrations move you.


So dance like the ceiling can’t hold us, yeah that is the song that was stuck in my head and it just so happens to make a good song to get your dance on!


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