Still Point

It is humbling to show my artwork and explain what it is and how it is made; how each piece is like a prayer.

Sometimes I feel the angels so strongly and at other times I question it; I constantly question it. Sometimes questions can be useful, because they give us a chance to look at something from all angles. Sometimes questions can cause fear and doubt and confusion, which creates a barrier for love to come through.

Yet, when I get still, when I get quiet, there in the stillness, I hear the whisper of angels speaking to me.

There is an awakening happening, as more and more of us remember this language and how to speak it, write it, and/or sing it. Our spirits know this language, if we would just allow it to flow. This flow comes from within us and desires to flow outward, yet it is also is from the universe and desires to flow in and around us.

Being still, I find that place where the angels dwell and the spirit of love abounds. I find true peace and joyful love. I invite you to join me in that place; a soft, still point where our spirit joins with all in love and solidarity. As we find this place and join together, we will experience a pure love that will create wonderful miracles here on earth and out into the universe.

This young lady is a wonderful example of someone singing in Angelic language:

Angelia Grace singing a Prayer for Peace; what a wonderful voice singing love for the universe.

Dear ones know that we are with you and assist you in hearing, feeling, writing, seeing, singing….. the language of love, the language of timeless love.


Your hearts and souls know this. Remember the song of your heart. Remember the words of love. Hear with your heart and soul. Feel love. Be love. Share love.


The Angels

Be love. Feel love. Share love. What a wonderful message from the angels.

Love, love, love



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