Clinging to the Positive

WOW! It sure was hot this weekend; that is uncharacteristic of October weather in the northeastern part of the country. The leaves are falling off the trees, just as they should be, however due to the lack of rain; we are not seeing the beautiful colors we usually do this time of year.

It was a great fall weekend full of festivals and fun. The only problem with the great weather and all of the local festivals was choosing which ones to attend. The thing is that you just can’t go wrong. That is frequently the way it is, so many wonderful things to do and see; so much fun to be had.

Yet, occasionally, no matter what, it is difficult to find the fun in life. There are too many trials and tribulations happening everywhere you turn that it all seems sour and dull. Something always seems like it is looming right over your head, ready to fall and ruin it all.

I have been asked how I can stay so positive in the midst of it all; and truth be told it is very difficult at times. I am human and it hurts. I have experienced many hardships in my life. However, what I have come to realize is that no matter the traumatic past or current hardship there is always love. Love never fails, it shines through the darkest situations to penetrate and permeate my life. And it will do the same for yours.

Dear dear dear dear ones, we are here to offer you so much comfort and support in all that you are going through. You are precious ones. Each and every one of you. Not one of you are here by accident. You were placed here. You were made for this time. And you are here for a purpose and a reason. The reason is for love. Please know that the simplicity of our message doesn’t negate the importance of it.

Know too that even those who came before you and those who will come after you are important.

There are those who are grieving the loss of loved ones. There are those who grief the loss of the little ones that died before being born. Know that they were cradled home. Not one is forgotten or unaccounted for. We hold them. We love them.

Remember the ones who have departed, each one leaves behind a mark. Each one brushes a stroke across the canvas and leaves indelible lines for all time.

You too will leave a mark. You too will leave a sign of where you have been. This is a wonderful statement of the ways and effects of each one of you.

Hold fast to what you are and the love we have planted in your heart.

 The Angels


I hold to the love that was planted in my heart before I was ever born, this is how I cling to the positive and keep my chin up no matter how bleak it may seem. No one or nothing can alter that. It was a seed given just to me; as your seed was given to you. As we discover and nurture our seed it grows. And as our seeds grow they provide love for others. And so on and so on and so on. The love can’t be contained or restrained!

Today and every day, I’m sending out the rain of love to assist you in growing your seed.