I too usually think it is ridiculous that stores will have the shelves stocked with holiday merchandise way in advance of the actual holiday. Heck, people have already been ranting about it on social media sites. However, as someone who is decorating a tree for our local Hospice Festival of Trees I need more ornaments!

Most of people that decorate the trees start planning at least a year in advance, as for me, it is usually longer. The primary reason it takes me longer is the cost of buying all of the ornaments. The second is finding things to fit my theme. Most decorating teams consist of a large group of family, friends and/or co-workers. My team consists of me and my husband. It is a challenge to, not just, pay for all of the decorations, but to also decorate the tree. Although, this year we get 2 days to decorate it instead of one.

This year my tree will be decorated with the color theme of silver and red. But I am already thinking ahead to my next tree. I’ve had this idea in my head for a few years. I decided to get online and start finding the ornaments of my desire; otters. I have looked at various sites and the costs of the ornaments are outrageous; ranging from a low of eight dollars to a high of over fifty dollars. Yikes! Yet, since I have chosen my absolute favorite animal, otters, to do as the theme of the tree; I would like to also purchase the tree.

The trees come in three sizes; 4.5 foot, 6.5 foot and 7.5 foot. The cost to sponsor/buy the tree starts at over five hundred dollars. I have never bought one before because I can’t afford to. But I want this otter tree for my own. So, it may not come to fruition for a few years since I am going to have to really save my pennies.

Anyway, the thing is that Christmas trees are already on my mind and on my radar. I have been out and about from retail shops to estate sales and beyond searching for more ornaments for my tree this year; which is like giving a mouse a cookie with one thing sparking another. I must admit that the searching, the planning and the thought of giving something to benefit others is a lot of fun.

This is the tree we did a couple of years ago titled: Nuttin’ But Santa. It was placed in the children’s ward of the local hospital.


I will be posting a blog and pictures of this year’s tree after it is decorated.  This year is the 25th Anniversary of Calvert County Hospice’s Festival of Trees. 

PS: The angels love celebrations! They are attracted to our laughter and cheer. If the holidays are a difficult time for you ask the angels to come and assist you in finding joy. And please remember you are not alone. I am here for you. The angels are here for you.

They keep typing HEAR, they are listening to your heart right now!

Love and angels,



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