The Worst Brings out The Best

Today in the United States it is Veteran’s Day. This is a day to remember and thank our military personal for all they have done and are doing in service to their country. As one small gesture I am taking a crock pot of food to our local American Legion post to contribute to the open house they are having. Another small gesture is to say thank you, and not just today, but every time I meet someone and discover that they are serving or have served in the military. I want to make sure to thank them for their service. Frequently when I do, the service member downplays what they are or have done, and finds it difficult to accept my thanks. Their sentiment being they were/are just doing their job. Yet, there is no other job like it. They are obligated to do what they are told twenty-four hours a day, three hundred and sixty-five days of the year. Sure they get time off but it is always with the awareness that they can get called back at any moment. So on this day, especially, I say THANK YOU! to all who serve and to all who have served.

I was getting updated on the devastation in Philippines and I read that American service members are being sent to assist with the relief and security efforts there. This is a very difficult assignment because the devastation is so severe. They will be working tirelessly to make sure that the people are cared for and kept safe. So again, THANK YOU!

This is such a BIG disaster, it is difficult to comprehend. So much damage, so many lives lost. And it is not over. More storms could be coming, more destruction could be uncovered, and of course with water and food shortages more people could die from untreated water and tainted food.

I send out angels. I send out love. It doesn’t seem like enough. It never seems like enough. Yet, it is all I have. SO, I will send it. We can send money too. Yet, I think at this time the most powerful thing we can do is send love. Healing love to cover those that have survived that they will heal and find strength. Prayers for those that are working to get supplies, give medical assistance and keep the people and property safe that they will be protected in their efforts.

It is heart warming to see such outpouring of love and support for our fellow human beings. These worst of times really do bring out the best in us. May we continue to do so everyday.

Yes dear ones love and send love. It is a powerful force. More powerful than wind and waves. More powerful than all the forces of nature combined. You each are a powerful force to cause change in the world. Can you imagine the creative power when you bring your hearts together to create love out of pain? Oh, we ask but only for you to ponder. You have more power than you can imagine. Untapped and unreleased. Tap into it and release it. Speak it and it becomes. Breathe it and it moves. Share it and it grows.

Oh dear ones we wish to assist you as you minister to one another. Invite us into your sharing and growing of love.

The Angels

Thank you all for reading. Thank you for allowing me to share and grow love with all of you and more. Join me in sending it out all over the world, and mightily to the Philippines.

Sending out love and thanks,



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