The Gift

You are often overlooked

Passed by

Who would notice

Much less stop

To pick you up

Twirl you around

Look at you from all sides

Not seeing the flaws

Just a simple one

Tossed by the waves

Almost indiscernible

Blending in with your surrounding

Until the light

Hits you

Just right

Catching an eye

Arresting attention

Realizing you’re part

Of a long lost ritual

Trying to remember

Each step to be taken


Those gathered

Must be in groups

Of three

One for to keep

One to put back

The last

To give away

Now the journey

Begins in earnest

Two more

Must be found

Finding them

Starts the ritual

Each one an asset

To be treasured

One is for a reminder

Two is for a prayer

Three is for another

All held dear

You were but a small

Stone upon the shore

Yet with intention

You became a blessing

With love,

Judy Angelheart

Copyright and all rights reserved 2013

The ritual of the three stones is very simple, any three stones can be used, however, I have found that walking near the water is so meditative.

You will need to find three stones. The first you keep as a prayer request and you place it under your pillow or somewhere close to where you sleep, this will remind you and activate your faith that your prayer will be answered. The second one you toss back into the water or nature. This is so that someone else can find it and be blessed. This is a way of blessing others who you don’t know and therefore can’t know or influence the outcome. This releases positive and loving energy into the universe. The last stone you give to a person who needs a blessing. You tell them they are to ask for something in prayer and do the same as you are doing with your stone. As a bonus, you may share each other’s requests and pray for one another, thus increasing and releasing the power of God and sharing your burdens and blessings with one another.

I live near the water and so I have many stones that I have collected. As I walk on the beach, each small stone that I pick up I say a prayer over. Then I bring them home and wash them and bless each one. I frequently will let them sit in a bath of water and essential oils; I like using one called abundance.

If you have a special request or would like me to send you a stone, just let me know. I would be happy to send you one. If you don’t want to put your address or request here, you can always email me at

I send each of you a virtual stone.

Love and angels,



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