Lost and Found

I love thrift store shopping. It started out as a necessity, and then it grew into a fun hobby, now it is a mixture of the two. For some reason I’m not such a big fan of yard sales, although I go to those occasionally. I look at thrift store shopping as a win-win scenario; I get a bargain, while at the same time, supporting a local nonprofit or small business.

There is a local shop near my home owned by a very nice couple. They call it an antique store, and really it is. Yet, there are always some inexpensive finds that make it a fun stop on my rounds of the local thrift stores. The owner has a fun twist on bargain shopping. In the small bathroom she puts items she feels are not worth displaying but still worth selling. She piles them up in boxes and on a few shelves. For $3.00 she gives you a brown paper grocery bag and you can fill it with anything you find in there; except the toilet paper 🙂

On this particular day I was looking for photo frames. I use them to put the angel writings in. I had picked up this one black frame and put it back several times. The frame was just cheap plastic. Yet, I was draw to the picture someone had framed inside. I was getting ready to put it back again and clean up the disarray I had created, when the proprietor popped her head in to see what I had found. I showed her some of my finds and told her that I had cleaned up some broken glass that I found in the bottom of one of the boxes. She pointed to the black frame and said, “Don’t you want that one?” I picked it up one more time; I told her how I really liked the picture inside, although it was worn, but that I didn’t like the frame. Long story short; she convinced me to add it to my bag. She said she had a feeling “she” was supposed to go home with me.

“She” was a picture of a Japanese woman sitting on a stool. It was painted on rice paper that was faded and had holes in it. I wasn’t sure why I was so drawn to her until I sat down with her one day. I first cut away the worst of the rice paper. Then I got out a piece of paper and did an angel writing. I then put the two together. It was then that I noticed that she, like me, is a left-handed scribe.

At times we may feel like her, faded, worn and forgotten in an old frame. Yet, God can find us even among the rubble all around us. We have gifts that were given to use that we sometimes don’t even recognize for what they are, yet if we ask they will be revealed.

I knew from childhood I was a scribe. I didn’t understand it. But I knew. I have written before about how I hid my gift because of the negative response my writings received. Yet, we cannot get our approval from others. Our approval rating comes from God.  It is never easy being different. Yet, it is always expedient.

Dear dear dear ones we see you, we see you just as you are. We have always known you and have watched you grow. We are with you always. We travel with you on your journey. Ask us to assist you to know and love who you are and what you are gifted to do. God gifts, we assist. Ask us anythings and all things. We are eager to answer your questions and show you your path.

Be love loves

The Angels


Today, National Label Day, may God reach out his loving hand and touch you in such a way that you know and feel joy/love about who you are and what you are gifted to do.

With love and angels,


Left-handed scribe

For those of you that love thrift store shopping as much as I do, I offer you this video. **Warning the artist, Macklemore, uses some foul language, yet I love this song!


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