Wintery Mix

Wintery mix; what an interesting concept. It’s as if the sky opened up and threw out all of its leftovers from the entire year. You know like when the cafeteria workers decide to cook up all of the leftovers in the fridge before school goes on winter break. Here, this is what we had, it doesn’t really go together but what the heck, its food (we think) and it is government sanctioned, therefore, it must be okay to eat; right? Oh well, the kiddies will never know. Yet, you wonder, did anyone check the expiration date? It is like this weather. Did we get off too easy this fall, with nary a wind blowing in off the coast? We did have a mild fall and so there must have been a lot of leftover weather that Mother Nature didn’t know what to do with so she sent it all. Here you go sweeties; this is the best of the best of what I have left. I have to use it up before the end of the year. As you know there are bunch of people clamoring for snow on Christmas, so I have to get this other stuff out the door. Here we have a “snow day” even though there isn’t any snow; at the moment. It is just icy rain. That is what we had all day yesterday and Sunday; a wintery mix. I think it is a cocktail in Florida but here we get to miss school YEAH! Either way, I’d rather drink hot chocolate.

Speaking of hot chocolate and mixing things up and mixed drinks (well on my train of thought we were.) I made the most yummy hot cocoa the other evening, I used whole milk, sugar, cocoa powder, a pinch of salt and a pinch of cayenne pepper (this make it Mexican), then I added a generous splash of Bailey’s (this made it Irish.) Therefore, I am here by proclaiming this drink Juju’s Wintery Mix. I am sure I didn’t invent this yummy concoction, but I am naming it. I would put a Juju flag in it but I don’t want to have to go to all that trouble just to have to take it right back out. Because Juju’s Wintery Mix should be consumed immediately, although sipping it while watching a favorite holiday movie is highly recommended. We watched The Santa Clause, a yearly favorite, while sipping ours. I am not a fan of the second installment. But that goes for most movies where they try again and fall short.

I am procrastinating at the moment. I know that is difficult for you to believe. But I am avoiding doing what the angels have told me to do this morning. I am avoiding it because it seems like such a big task. Yet, they have assured me that I only need to take a tiny step toward my goal. I don’t need to eat the whole cake or take down the whole bear or some sort of metaphor like that. I just need to do a small amount of work.

It is funny, as in ironic, and yet amusing, that I often think I have nothing to write about for this blog but when I am working at not working on a project I sure do come up with something to post. Even if it a rambling, wintery mix. I suppose I should go and get it over with; like when you were a kid and you ate the yucky vegetables first so they were gone and done with. Unless, you were lucky like my kids, and you had a dog to feed them to, my grandson has learned that trick already and he is not even two. My dogs wish I didn’t like vegetables, they love carrots, green beans and sweet potatoes. They stand at the ready, hoping I will drop some. They will just have to wait for the grandson to visit; which I hope will be soon. I sure do miss that adorable touched by fire (he has “red” hair) baby.

I swear it is just like that children’s book one thought sparks another;  I heard that quote on an episode of The Game of Thrones, which makes me think of the tree we decorated for Hospice that I named “Fire and Ice: Christmas is Coming…” that I promised you a picture of.

INSERT PICTURES HERE – (Which I have to get it off the camera first. I so need to borrow a teenager to assist me in learning all of the technology that challenges me so.) Yeah, the hubby came home and uploaded them; thus I still don’t know how to do it. Here they are:


Here is a more detailed view of the top of the tree


I really would like to post this now. And just might and send you a picture of the tree later. That way I get it out to you sooner. I mean I haven’t posted in a while, and I’m sure you are sitting by your computer just hoping and praying that I will send you a post soon. At least that is how I envision it. However, I think you deserve the picture with the post so we will have to wait until my hubby gets home and shows me (again) how to get the pictures on the computer without deleting them all. Yes, I am that bad. Please don’t ask me how I figured out how to set up my blog page; it was a happy accident and a bit of assistance from the angels. Yes, they do help us (that is how I passed my stats class) and it is not cheating.

Love and hugs,


PS: I did manage to work on what the angels wanted me to and now have a great beginning (hook) for my book I have been working on. They want me to finish it and have assured me they will help me. I will keep you posted.


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