Holiday Happenings

The memories of holidays past…

It is the present that we are to be living in; this very moment. That is the joy of the season. We can plan all we want, getting out the calendar and marking it with wonderful ways to spend the days, all of the concerts and shows we want to go see, yet, it is often the ditching of plans or taking the left instead of the right that leads to some of the best times.

That is how I find myself at the halfway point of this December, having planned to see and do so much. Yet, only a fraction of those events has been attended. I caught myself apologizing to my hubby about being a party pooper because I didn’t want to venture out on a cold, rainy night. I was content to stay home and watch a movie. Then yesterday we got in the car to go to a concert that, I guess, was listed wrong because when we pulled into the parking lot there wasn’t a car in sight. So, we turned around to go to a play that we weren’t sure what time it started. It turned out we had missed the beginning by almost an hour, so we went shopping instead. Not our favorite past time but we needed some things for the house. We did find a dress coat that fit me almost perfectly; alas, the sleeves were too long but that is the norm. We have been looking for a nice coat for me to wear for years.

Then last night while observing one of our holiday traditions of lighting the advent candles we were interrupted by sirens blaring. It took me a moment to realize that someone’s house wasn’t on fire. The joy of living in a small town is seeing Santa Claus come by your house on the top of a fire truck. Of course, I had to run outside, without my coat on, to wave to him like a little kid. It was thrilling and heart-warming all rolled into one. After we came back inside, my husband finished the reading, and then we got started on our holiday cards. I say started because there is a long list of friends and family I would like to send cards to but the cost of stamps is a bit prohibitive. Therefore, we will do what most people do in these modern times and send our wishes via email and social media.

To you, my blog readers, I send holiday greetings and wishes for a love filled New Year. My wish is that you will have a happy holiday filled with great food, good friends, and wonderful conversations. However, I know that many of you will find that is not always the case. Please know that someone, me :), out there is sending you well wishes, love and lots of angels. May you feel the warmth of that love and may it sustain you. May you find peace in your heart and laughter in your ears. May you witness kindness and may you find tiny treasures along your path to brighten your days.

Dear ones reach out to us, reach out to each other. These times, these times of lights and festivals are not all happiness to all. We bring light and shinning in the midst of sadness. We bring illumination for you to see and know the ways you are meant to travels. We bring you hope. We bring you peace. We bring you the aromas of joy. We share with you the faith and hope of good will. Please dear ones use this time to understand and know one another. Truly look to the heart of each other. And ask. We are always near and ready to assist you. Love, love, love dear ones.


The angels


Speaking of making plans; that was the basis of the movie I watched last night called “Bella”. The writer took the adage; if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans. I highly recommend this wonderful touching movie. It stars Eduardo Verastegui and Tammy Blanhard.


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